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Apartments with Services

The senior housing resident desires only limited supportive services. Senior housing units are offered in one- and two-bedroom floor plans and include a full kitchen for those ages 55 and older. These apartments share a comfortable and versatile commons, which includes a library, living room, dining room, coffee bar, private dining room, activity center, Worship and Life center, indoor heated swimming pool, theater and exercise room.

Senior housing residents enjoy basic services including meals, housekeeping and transportation. By design, Cedar Lake Village senior housing units create a sense of community among the residents and provide a space for social interaction. Check out a sample breakfast menu and lunch menus from the Capital and Chanticleer dining rooms to see what it's like during meals at Cedar Lake Village. The Capital dining room is restaurant-style with appetizer and dessert choices. The Chanticleer is buffet-style with salad and dessert bars.

The apartments have two pricing options for each floor plan: Monthly Basic Option or Entrance Fee Option. The Monthly Basic option is your typical monthly fee without a large upfront fee. The Entrance Fee Option features an upfront fee, that is very similar to a deposit. However, all of what we offer here at Cedar Lake Village are month-to-month rentals. Our residents do not own their apartments. The Entrance Fee, is paid before moving in, and you decide whether you want 100%, 90%, or 80% of that Entrance Fee back when you move out of your apartment. This then determines your monthly maintenance fee. Choosing the Entrance Fee option allows for a lower monthly fee.

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