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You can’t make me go: Talking about home care with your parents

Tuesday, March 18 2014 8:04 PM

Have you decided to stop trying to make them move out?

Here are five things to consider when discussing Services@Home with your parents.

Your parents may be having problems living on their own. You may have assumed the role of caregiver for an ill or frail parent and find the demands overwhelming. Or maybe you live too far away to visit regularly, and you’re worried about not being there to help.

For many seniors and their families, the answer isn’t moving into assisted living or a nursing home, it’s getting help from a qualified home care agency.

Your parents may do better physically and emotionally if they can stay at home. Home care can be tailored to give them the help they need to continue living independently. That could include housekeeping, cooking, shopping, personal care, monitoring of medications and nursing care — even physical, speech or occupational therapy.

Many seniors recognize the value of home care and arrange for it themselves. But some fear losing their independence and see any effort to change as an attack on their autonomy.

It’s best to start the discussion early, and to speak in terms of “what if.” After all, if they had home care, they could stop being so concerned about having to move. And you could take comfort in the care and attention they receive when you’re not there.

Home care may involve one person or a team, but it should always be under the supervision of registered nurses. Be sure you are working with a licensed home care agency whose caregivers are bonded, insured and licensed appropriately.

You and your parents should feel secure and comfortable with the agency’s caregivers. Invite them to visit you and your parents at home. You’ll get a better idea of who they are and hear firsthand about the care they provide.

The home care agency you choose should be willing and able to respond to your parents’ needs — physically, mentally and emotionally. Make sure they understand what your parents’ desires are, what your concerns are, and the level you wish to stay involved and updated.

The home care agency’s goal should be to help your parents get the most out of every day.

Keep in mind: The spirit in which help is given is as important as the kind of help given.

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