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Five ways to make Mother’s Day shopping easier

Monday, May 5 2014 3:30 AM

When it comes to gifts, moms often say, “You shouldn’t have,” or “Homemade is best.” This Mother’s Day is no exception.

When Mom or Grandma reaches a certain age, finding the perfect gift might be a bit more challenging. So, listen to her advice on gifts: don’t give things, or if you must give some THING, make it yourself.

Here are five useful ways to give of yourself this Mother’s Day.

Make a visit. The women you love feel the same about you. They want to see you, ask about your life, and tell you about their day.

Create a photo album. This project can use photos you have from times you’ve shared. Or maybe your loved one has a drawer full of old photos she needs to sort “someday.” Make a quick online search for ideas to get started on this shared project.

Build a family tree. This one will take some digital photography and your home printer. Find a funky tree branch in the backyard, or create one from paper or other art supplies. Use the smaller branches to display new snapshots or copies of old digital prints representing the generations.

Give a gift certificate. You know Grandma’s favorite food. Buy a gift certificate from that restaurant and take her for a treat. Or, make your own coupon for a time when you’ll borrow the recipe and make her special dish.

Share your knowledge. Did Mom receive a new phone or other gadget recently? Help her program the numbers of family members or download fun ringtones. Download the app for her favorite solitaire game.

The real gift in all of these suggestions is your time. As you interact over photos or electronics or food, you’ll find a new appreciation for the life of your loved one.

Source: www.good-sam.com

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