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The Resident Handbook

Tuesday, August 9 2016 8:40 PM

The following poem was written by one of our very own resident poets, Beverly Rigler. She wrote about the resident handbook which is a reference guide for all of our residents, in particular, our new residents to help them become acquainted with our services and amenities when they first move in. Beverly is one of many of our talented residents. Enjoy!

The Resident Handbook

The Resident Handbook defines and describes... The “Housing with Services” this location provides… An impressive collection of all of the facts To acquaint us with this special place. But, words in a Handbook can’t fully convey The abundance of blessings we find here each day… The kindness and caring which seem to embrace All the fortunate folks who are sharing this space.

The Housing offers us buildings and grounds So well managed – maintained – you look all around And see beauty and balance – delightful décor – Such helpful facilities on every floor, Plus multi-use rooms that can be rearranged For varying needs as activities change; And a welcoming lobby for meetings and talk While keeping our coffee mugs filled to the top.

But, Housing, however well-planned and attractive, Is still only space, absent those who are active In providing the services which are designed To keep us all thriving – body, spirit and mind. These are wonderful people – capable, diligent, Friendly and so patient – they don’t seem to resent Times when unscheduled matters arise Making claims on their time and attention- and They know all of our names!!!

Yet, the Resident Handbook, although is so inclusive, Can’t explain a third “Presence” which is so elusive – So intangible – yet powerful and real in the way It meets, greets and treats us, brightening each day. I struggled to name “it” (diagnose it) until I finally conclude: it’s Infectious Good Will… So highly contagious – it quickly transmits From one to another where folks co-exist – and The Golden Rule principle is daily repeated: ---People treat one another as they wish to be treated --- Good Samaritan’s VISION here, clearly speaks: “People feel valued, feel loved, and at peace”.

Now I humbly ask Moses, who’s tablets of stone Held just Ten Commandments to allow one of my own – A deeply held sentiment which I wish to give voice: Thou Shall Always Give Thanks and then THOU SHALL REJOICE! With a heart full of gratitude, I offer this poem about Cedar Lake Village I’m so glad it’s my HOME---!

P.S. Which brings me to Kansas: I’ve lived lots of places- east coast to west- And these Kansas “skyscrapes” are some of the best – But, if tornadic tendencies cause you concern, Use your phone, TV, radio when you want to learn If local conditions are threatening for you, If they are – grab your Handbook – it tells what to do!

By Beverly Rigler – July 2016

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