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CLV residents participate in “Cedar Lake Village 2012 Summer Olympics”

Thursday, August 23 2012 5:52 AM

Just in time for the London 2012 Summer games, Denise Hahn, CLV’s Wellness Director, and Patt Dragert, Activities Assistant, hosted our very own Cedar Lake Village 2012 Summer Olympics. Residents from housing with services and assisted living came to participate and cheer on the athletes.

Denise began the week with the Olympic Torch hand-off through the entire community. The big day began with an opening ceremony that included the Olympic torch hand-off to CLV’s oldest resident Tom Hall. One of our youngest residents Bill Winbigler played the National Anthem on his trumpet and the games began!

Just to name a few, events included cycling, target shooting and swimming. All of the events Denise and Patt tailored to be “senior-friendly”. The cycling consisted of counting the number of steps on the Nu-Step an athlete could step in a minute. For target shooting, the residents used a toy gun with foam “bullets” to hit three targets off the “broad side of a barn”. Swimming included freestyle walking across the pool. Athletes were timed how fast they could walk the width of the pool and back.

The closing ceremonies included a performance by the McCracken gymnasts and a medal ceremony. Our athletes were awarded their medals by Olathe Mayor Michael Copeland.

Visit our gallery for more pictures from the 2012 CLV Olympics!

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