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Back to School at Cedar Lake Village

Wednesday, August 14 2019 2:50 PM
By Kelsie Tryon

Cedar Lake Village residents and staff raised over $1,000 in cash, checks, change, gift cards and school supplies. School supplies were purchased and students residing at Salvation Army came to Cedar Lake Village and did their school shopping.

Each student got to pick out their own back pack and with the help of participating residents, filled it with all the supplies needed for the year. Surplus supplies were sent back with Salvation Army as they provide for over 900 families in need of school supplies.

Music instructor, Mabel Sonnevik

Before the students came to Cedar Lake Village, we held a “School Day” event to celebrate our fund raising. We held prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and class room behavior/rules (no sending notes, no sleeping during class, your children will be called if any misbehavior, etc.).

We recruited some residents who were teachers by trade, and we were so appreciated of their help! Math class was taught by Carl Kruse, Music class was taught by Mabel Sonnevik and Science class by Georgia Smith.

Math teacher, Carl Kruse

Science lesson taught by Georgia Smith (middle).

Together these 3 residents have taught a collective 80 years. We also had a fun time at recess and snacks. A spelling bee completed the school day. Residents and staff participated with a resident, Mickie Mettee winning. The 3 teachers and spelling bee champion received certificates and shiny red apples.

Spelling Bee Winner, Mickie Mettee



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